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Following the Management of Learning program at University of Maastricht was one of the best decisions I made in my youth. The MoL experience gave me the support I needed to start my professional career and become the HR Professional I am and will become in the future, not only because of the very interesting and innovative content, but also because of the personal development I had during the program.

As a graduate of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, I was used to the traditional way of learning and teaching (e.g. sitting in an aula and listening to the professor in front of you), consequently the PBL-method at Maastricht University was an eye-opener. I learnt to think more critically and look at problems/theories from multiple perspectives. This method combined with the interesting and challenging content of the program was an absolute learning experience. During the year, I gained knowledge and experience about learning, training, development, experts etc. However, it was more than learning from theories and books: I learnt how to work in a team, work with clients, work with deadlines, but most importantly, I learned about myself. At the beginning of the year I was a shy and insecure twentysomething. However, the program challenged me and I had the opportunity to develop myself and evolve in a more secure and open-minded young adult.

Currently, I am working as a HR Officer at Reply. I am responsible for the recruitment process, traineeship program, individual training plans of the consultants, introduction day of new joiners and team building events. Since, Reply is a growing company I have the opportunity to take initiative, work independently and do a variety of tasks which is very motivating.

Elise De Rechter
Management of Learning Graduate
HR Officer at Reply



The study program Management of Learning was tough, challenging, demanding and yet so rewarding after entering labor market that I would suggest you try it out and explore your endless capabilities. Through the study year, I learned how to work in teams, analyze and discuss issues, take responsibility, think from different perspectives, set goals, overcome fear, learn from mistakes and challenge myself.

You cannot imagine how helpful this experience is until you experience it yourself. I see the benefits of taking MoL on a daily basis. I do not fear to raise up difficult questions, give a constructive feedback to the team members, publish my mistakes, so all team can learn from them. I am proactive and I steer my development within company, by setting goals, networking and reflecting on my development.

MoL took away any boundaries and allowed me to see that anything is possible if I work hard, learn from my experience, challenge myself and keep on learning. I think this is not only the secret to successful career but also a key to happy and fulfilled life. No one said it will be easy, but definitely it will be worth it.

Zane Stalte – Raupe
Management of Learning Graduate
Learning and Development Coordinator, Cytec Latvia.


Mara Hoogerhuis

"When describing my Master's degree to colleagues and clients, I say that the Management of Learning program took an in-depth look at understanding learning from both macro and micro levels: the macro level of learning within organizations and the micro level of learning within an individual.

This program was and continues to be exceptionally relevant by addressing many of today's key business issues through the lens of the human component, so critical to organizational growth and success. As MOL students, we experienced the processes and pains of learning first hand thanks to courses designed to promote maximum impact; incorporating such practices as consistent and timely feedback, opportunities for practice, and reflection.

The faculty, who were both extremely knowledgeable and accessible, encouraged critical thinking, questioning, collaboration and dialogue. My fellow students were internationally diverse, intellectually engaged, and very social! And of course, the University setting located in Maastricht, was a fantastic city, alivewith culture, clubs and community. Since graduating in 2008, I have continually leveraged the knowledge and skills I learned and have differentiated myself with a Master's Degree in the Management of Learning."

Mara Hoogerhuis
Management of Learning Graduate
Learning & Development Consultant GALLUP


yvind Fosse

"The year I studied Management of Learning was the year I developed the most as an individual during my life so far. As a study it gave me a thorough understanding of how knowledge is developed in society, organisations and individuals. Even more so, I learned how to develop my own knowledge on my way to becoming an expert in my field of choosing.

I now work at Academic Work, a staffing and recruitment agency specialising in jobs for young academics, students and fresh graduates who have not yet achieved great amount of professional experience. My experiences from MoL has enabled me to better understand the background of the candidates as well as the requests and needs of my employees and thus see what skills are needed for each job.

I have also employed many of the study and project management techniques I learned in Maastricht and therefore I have been able to understand areas far from my own studies such as software development and industrial production. The problem based learning method has definitely also been a great asset to me in the world of numerous meetings and group discussions.

I would definitely recommend the MoL program to any of my friends interested in the field of knowledge development."

Øyvind Fosse
Management of Learning Graduate
Consultant Manager at Academic Work


Josefine Hefenrichter

"Reading the description of the MOL Programme for the first time, I was immediately intrigued by its multidisciplinary design and content. More than two years after my first lecture at Maastricht University, I can truly say that it was the right choice for me.

The Management of Learning Programme made me understand that knowledge is the most valued intangible asset of today. In problem-based learning sessions that are characteristic for Maastricht University, I experienced how knowledge evolves in individuals, teams, and organisations. Discussing scientific theories and their scope for practical application helped me grasp the day-to-day implications of the topic.

Having had the opportunity to extend my master’s degree at a renowned business school in France was just another advantage offered by the MOL Programme. Now, I am working on projects centred around attracting, retaining, and developing the talent necessary for the future success of a global company.

In sum, I did not only increase my own knowledge base by completing this master’s programme, but I have also grown in my personality and accelerated my professional career."

Josefine Hafenrichter
Management of Learning Graduate
Trainee Consultant Human Resources at Carl Zeiss AG


Ron-grey scale140

I have fond memories of my time as a part-time student in the Management of Learning programme. It challenged me to think differently, act differently and relate the entire programme’s content to real-life practical cases at the workplace. What sets the programme apart from other Master programmes is the unique content, high-quality action-oriented teaching methods, skilled faculty, and engaged community of students.

I decided to join MoL after I was already graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in International Business Economics (IBE) and a Master’s degree in International Business- Strategic Marketing at Maastricht University. The moment I joined, I also had a full-time position at the Postgraduate Education department of Maastricht University; the division that takes care of learning trajectories for professionals. Quite a strange situation to be alumnus, staff and student of the same institution at the same time!

"It was a very relevant and deliberate move, though, to follow the programme as a working professional. Besides content-related learning goals, I wanted toexperience the feeling of having to combine a full-time job with a part-time study, that very same feeling that all of our clients who come and sign up for an executive MBA or another management programme at our business school have.

"Admittedly, balancing work, study and private life is very tough, but being able to spread the study load over two years made it possible for me to stay actively engaged at work while getting inspired in the classroom at the same time. The interaction between the two very much enriched the learning effect in the end. I was better able to connect theory with practice and vice versa.

"So the ultimate advice to all who doubt whether or not working and studying simultaneously is an option: yes it is, and even a very fruitful one!

Ron Jacobs
Management of Learning Graduate
International Projects Manager at Maastricht University