Research collaborations

Big-4 Audit firms (the Netherlands)

Auditors, like other professionals, need to form judgments under unpredictable conditions, where knowledge for interpreting situational cues is crucial for performance. In unpredictable domains, more experience has been shown not to automatically lead to better performance. This is reflected in audit firms' inconsistent performance. With imperfect predictability, task experience is only a necessary condition, while learning is the essential condition. The Department of Educational Research and Development researches - in close collaboration with the Accounting and Information Management Department - mechanisms which affect judgment and expertise development in the Auditing domain.  Together with Big-4 Audit firms we investigate how to improve judgment quality.

Learning Miles (Helsinki, Finland)

Training and Development are essential for (non-)profit organizations to maintain and improve performance. Strategic alignment of Learning and Development activities are vital. The present research examines how new technologies (e.g. apps and gamification) can be integrated in current corporate learning and development activities. Together with global clients of the consultancy firm Learning Miles (Helsinki, Finland), a series of small-scale research projects has been initiated to examine new approaches for training and development.


Being prepared for crises and disasters

Since four years, Selma van der Haar and Mien Segers have a research collaboration with OTO Limburg (Opleiden, Trainen, Oefenen). The research topic is: how to facilitate health care organizations to be/become prepared for crises or exceptional circumstances?  Based on the findings of the relevant studies, a tool, the Thermometer Preparedness for Crises, has been developed and is currently tested in Limburg health care organizations.  For more information, contact 

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In addition to the collaboration with OTO Limburg, we have been conducting studies on team learning processes of crisis command-and-control teams in collaboration with Veiligheidsregio Zuid-Limburg and Sitech.  

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Literacy Programs for enhancing Social Inclusion 

In 2012 the Dutch Association for Reading and Writing (Stichting Lezen en Schrijven) invited Mien Segers and Maurice de Greef (Arteduc) to jointly conduct research aiming at evidencing the impact of literacy programs for vulnerable adults on social inclusion. Since then, a vast amount of data have been collected and published in reports, popular journals as well as scientific journals. In August 2015, the second phase of the research collaboration has started.  

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Enhancing students’ entrepreneurial orientation 

In a project under the umbrella of the Valorisation Programme South Limburg, Mien Segers and Evangelia Ipektzidou set the basis for closer cooperation between teachers to incorporate entrepreneurial learning objectives in their campuses. In particular, support is provided to course coordinators of bachelor or master courses where there is potential to support the development of students’ entrepreneurial orientation. Entrepreneurial orientation refers to being proactive, autonomous, risk taking and innovative and competitive when dealing with uncertain situations. Types of instructional approaches such as project-based learning are very relevant for helping students to develop entrepreneurial related competencies as students are challenged to address authentic for their domain problems. 

The experiences from the MSc Management of Learning project periods have been used as a basis for developing material and sharing best practices with the programmes they have been collaborating with, taking into consideration the different context and needs of the respective programs. Till now, they have been collaborating with HZuyd and with the Maastricht Science Programme on the Brightlands Chemelot Campus.  

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From Learning 2 Innovation

Simon Beausaert, Katalien Bollen, Jos van Erp, Dominik Froehlich, Maike Gerken, Nané Kochoian, Isabel Raemdonck, Mien Segers constitute the project team of “From Learning 2 Innovation”. The project aims at providing organisations with a basis for structurally supporting the exchange of knowledge and feedback in the workplace.  The expected outcome is the increase of employability. For this reason an app has been developed in order to measure informal learning and to provide suggestions on how to optimize employees’ informal learning in the workplace.

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