The research conducted at our department is fueled back to the Management of Learning programme


PhD. Theses in progress

Baas, D. (2016). E-Portfolio in the Classroom.
Grohnert, T. (2016). When learning works: How the work environment shapes professional judgment.
Wilson-Wünsch, B. (2016). Expertise Development in Hotel Management.
Elvira, Q. (2016). The differential Effect of learning Environments on expertise Development: the case of management education in secondary education.
Visser, W. (2017). Portability of Team Learning Benefits.
Francu, E. (2017). Team Learning in Innovation Teams.
Wijngaard, O. van den (2017). Development of Academic Scholarship and Social Engagement.
Schmitz, K. (2017). Impression Management.
Koeslag, M. (2017). Team Learning and Teachers.
Lambriex, P. (2018). Innovative Work Behaviour.
Hoven, M. (2019). Leadership in Command and Control Teams.


Indicative topics of completed dissertations

Gerken, M. (2016). How do employees learn at work? Understanding informal learning from others in different sectors. Summary
Fröhlich, D. (2015). Old and Out? Age, employ-ability, and the role of learning. Summary
Niculescu, A. (2014). Hidden in Plain Sight. Capturing freshmen emotional experiences and their effects on performance at university. Summary
Rehm, M. (2013). Unified in Learning – Separated by Space. The impact of organizational structures on group dynamics & outcomes of professional Communities of Learning. Summary
Gabelica, C. (2013). Fueling team learning by using feedback . Summary
Van de Haar, S. (2013). Understanding team learning in crisis management teams.
Rijt, J. van der (2012). Turning Talent into Experts. Summary
De Greef, M. (2012). The role of adult education in enhancing social inclusion. Summary