Programme outline


 Study    Coaching    Trajectory

The list of articles below can give you a taste of the material and topics you are going to cover during your academic year:

  • Birkinshaw, J., Hamel, G., & Mol, M. J. (2008). Management innovation. Academy of management Review, 33(4), 825-845.
  • Fouarge, D., Schils, T., & De Grip, A. (2013). Why do low-educated workers invest less in further training?. Applied Economics, 45(18), 2587-2601.
  • Garvin, D. A., Edmondson, A. C., & Gino, F. (2008). Is yours a learning organization?. Harvard business review, 86(3), 109.
  • Gladwell, M. (2002). The talent myth. The New Yorker, 22(2002), 28-33.
  • Salas, E., Tannenbaum, S. I., Kraiger, K., & Smith-Jentsch, K. A. (2012). The science of training and development in organizations: What matters in practice. Psychological science in the public interest, 13(2), 74-101.